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27 May 2011 @ 10:32 pm
You Belong to Me 1/?  
Title: You Belong to Me (1/?)
Author: mothergoddamn
Pairing/characters: Blaine/Kurt, Blaine/Karofsky, Kurt/Karofsky
Warning: SEE ABOVE. Non Con. Set before 2x06
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Everyone knows that bond-servants get what they get. When Blaine enters the picture, it's harder to remember that. Slave AU.

You Belong to Me
Chapter 1

Dave worried at his bottom lip and clutched at his knees with sweaty palms. Swallowing thickly, he looked over the boy on the floor, his head bowed and hands in his lap. This was happening. Jesus, it was really happening.

Why the hell was he scared out of his damn mind?

"I don't get this. I've paid for the boy, haven't I? I've signed all your paperwork. What's with all this red tape?"

"You must understand, Mr. Karofsky," the slender man at the boy's side said in a smooth voice, "that we rarely allocate bond-servants to someone of Dave's young age. At the very least, we would usually not hand over such a new recruit."

"Dad?" Dave said, a whine winding itself around the word. "He's the one I want. You promised."

"I'm not saying you can't have him, young man. I'm just curious as to why you feel the need. You're just a teenager. There must be others at school. Someone you can be with on--" His tongue edged out and licked across his lip as he sought for the words. "Someone that is your equal?"

His father gave a cough and shifted in his seat. "Look, Mr--?"

"I thought we agreed on Wes." The man smiled and it made no effort to find his eyes. "Please, call me Wes."

"Look, Wes. Dave--" He looked over at him. "My son, he has been going through some issues lately." He coughed. "Urges."

"Ah." The man nodded with a knowing smile that Dave wanted to rip from his head and tear into shreds. "I see."

"Yes, and-- That's not the life I - we - want for him." His father took hold of his shoulder and gripped it firmly. "I just want my son to be happy. And owning one of these," he gestured a finger but didn't look at the boy with the bowed head, "will get it all out of his system. You know, without all the judgement or sneering. Just something he can have at home, and then he can go to school and be normal with his friends."

Wes frowned. "Bond-servants aren't just experiments, Mr. Karofsky. They are meant to be owned for at least ten years."

"I've read the brochure, Wes. I know what we're getting into." His father gave Dave a squeeze of his shoulder and let go. "And I think I've paid enough for it, don't you? The boy can do chores round the house, help me in the shop while Dave is at school. And then when Dave needs to er--"

"Get it out of his system?" Wes said, a gentle mocking in his tone.

"Yes, when he needs that. Well, he has it." He made a strange clucking noise with his tongue and took a quick glance at the boy. "Are they dangerous? I heard that sometimes the training doesn't take and--"

"Nothing but hearsay." Wes grinned and reached out a hand, stroking down the boy's neck with his index finger. He didn't flinch at the contact. "Trust me, Mr. Karofsky, all the bond-servants at Dalton have had every criminal element removed from them. They have been re- programmed from lawless individuals to useful members of society." Wes looked at Dave directly. "I'm sure you will find him very useful."

"What did he do? To wind up here?" Wes didn't reply, simply took a sip of his tea and shook his head. "Sorry-- I --You said he was new? How new?"

"He has been at our centre for little over the year. We usually like to give the newly indentured to those who are old hats at this sort of venture. There may be kinks to iron out." Wes put the cup down on the table and held up his hands. "Not flaws. Just little kinks. The boy is exceptionally trained, but even we cannot prepare him for what he may find outside our walls." Wes pushed a booklet across the table. "This has some tips. On discipline. Treats. Things like that." He crossed his legs primly and gave Dave a small smile. "Be sure to read over that young man. It's important."

Patronising prissy fucker, Dave thought as he sneaked a glance at the boy, kneeling on the floor. Christ, he wanted to see his face. See if it was as good as it had looked in the catalogue. All pretty and shit like that. He felt a lurch in his stomach that could have been lust or could have been nerves. He could never tell these days.

"Are we done or what?" Dave growled, clenching and unclenching his fists. "He's mine, right?'

"Yes," Wes slimed with a narrow grin. "He's yours, David." He stood up and extended his hand to his father who took it limply. "We'll visit in one month's time. To check how he is settling in."

"Good. Good." His father wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked a little sick. "I'll see you out."

Wes reached out and gave a little pat to the boy, ruffling his hair as he did. "You behave, okay?" For a split second Dave thought he saw the boy's jaw harden, Wes seemed to see it, too, because his grip tightened. The change was gone as quickly as it came and then he was meek again. Wes released his hold.

"See you soon, David," he said with a nod and followed his father out.

For a moment Dave didn't move. Just listened to the stones shift under the steps of his father and Wes. Listened to a car spurting into life, and wheels against gravel.

Slowly, he raised his eyes and watched the boy, the soft tremble that slipped over his small frame. Dave's mouth felt dry and his head felt thick and foggy. He stood up and walked woodenly over to him. "Do you want--"

No. That was wrong.

"Let's go upstairs, Blaine."


"Er, let's watch some TV," Dave said scratching at his neck and entering his room. He made it to the middle of the floor before realising that Blaine hadn't followed. Turning round, he saw that Blaine was stood in the doorway, his head tilted to the ground. Fuck, didn't he get a crick in his neck from that shit?

Walking back, Dave grabbed at his arm, kicked the door shut and pulled him in. A little too roughly apparently as the boy jerked forward and hit him hard in the chest. Dave gasped at the contact and stared down at him. Blaine was too busy studying the whorls on Dave's hardwood floor.

For fuck's sake!

Dave reached up a hand and, sort of, pushed Blaine's head back at the crown, forcing him to look up into his eyes.


Yeah, this was better than the picture, alright. Dave moved a hand to the boy's face and traced over his features. He glided a knuckle over the boy's nose, a cheekbone before resting on his lips. With his other arm, he gripped Blaine by the waist and pulled him closer, enjoying the slight tremble that started throughout the other boy's body.

He could feel himself hardening and pushed himself closer into Blaine, making sure that his erection pressed almost painfully into his hip. "Do you like that?" His voice wasn't his. It was too low. Too rough. Cruel. He could feel the vibrations spreading from his chest into Blaine's. "I bet you do. I bet you love it."

Where the fuck was this coming from? He didn't know but it was a major turn on. He rotated his hips and sucked in the little gasp that Blaine released with a relish.

Wait. He was supposed to read that booklet before he started the fun stuff. Fuck it, he had figured out his Windows 7 by himself, he could do this. It wasn't like he had to make sure he didn't feed Blaine after midnight or keep him away from water and shit. He was just a kid like him.

Just a kid.

Dave shoved that thought out of his head. They weren't people. Not anymore. They were shitty people that had done shitty things to other people and were now paying for that. If you could call it paying. Dave grinded his hips again and Blaine's soft brown eyes shuttered shut. See? It wasn't like they didn't like it.

"Go get on the bed," he growled, giving Blaine a little shove backward. The back of his knees hit the edge and he flew down hard, the little beige shift he was wearing riding up and exposing his thighs. Why did those Dalton pricks insist on dressing them like Jesus folk or something? It was weird. He'd have to get him some clothes, none of his would fit. And he wasn't walking round dressed like Tiger Lily. For one thing that smock was shapeless and Dave wanted to see how that body curved and dipped. Wanted to see it badly.

Maybe he could ask Hummel for some fashion advice. Hummel. That was the last person he wanted to be thinking right now. Dave bet he'd love to be in his position right now. With a gorgeous boy lying on his bed waiting for him. Waiting to be fucked.

Dave gasped a little at the thought and snatched the remote up with a shaking hand. Fucking. He was about to actually fuck someone. While he was dad was pottering about in the kitchen downstairs. Clicking through the channels he landed on The King and I and left it. Yul Brynner was kind of the man in Dave's mind. He had done The Magnificent Seven and that shit was awesome. He didn't give a fuck that he was prancing around like a fag, he could totally pull it off and why the hell was he even thinking about that anyway?

He was about to lose his virginity. With a guy. A guy he owned, etc, etc, etc. This wasn't the time to be thinking about musicals or cowboys or what the fuck ever.

He glanced back on the bed where the boy was watching him beneath thick eyelashes. They're not supposed to do that, he rememberd. Not allowed. Dave stared down at him and the boy dropped his eyes. Dave like that. There was a little thrill of power that ran through him at it.

Slowly, Dave undressed. A part of him thought that he should feel self -conscious or shy. But it was buried deep down within him, hidden below the arousal. Instead, all he could think about is what Blaine’s skin would feel like aligned against his. What his sweat would taste like. How tight his ass was going to feel around his cock.

Wait until I tell Azimio about this, he thought excitedly as he pulled his jeans down, cursing as the waistline chafed his junk. Not that he could actually tell Azimio the truth of course. Azimio would get an extremely edited version of the events. In that remake Blaine would be a Brenda or a Barbara, or hell, why not go the fuck out and call him Sally? And Sally wouldn’t be quivering on bed looking all sad about it in an outfit from The Village. No. She’d be excited and bouncing around, tits flying everywhere.

Dave’s erect cock hearing about the bouncing tits, waned slightly. It sucked lying to his best friend but overall he was doing this for him. For his family. His dad was right, this was just some sort of weird abnormality he needed to get out of his system. Like those freaks who enjoyed jogging. It wasn’t like Dave was going to be like this forever.

Naked, Dave gestured to Blaine to follow suit, but of course he is still avoiding eye contact after the stare down. “You, too,” Dave said softly, almost tenderly. “Take off that potato sack.”

For a moment, he thought Blaine was going to ignore him. But then he stripped off quickly, chest and stomach coming into view as he tore it over his head. Folding the garment, he placed it at the foot of the bed and pressed his hands upon his knees.


The kid was absolutely perfect. What had he done to end up at Dalton Reform anyway? How much trouble could a seventeen year old cause?

Murder? Dave licked his lips. Maybe. They didn’t exactly send shop lifters there. Whatever he’d done it must have been pretty bad. Instead of scaring Dave, it kind of excited him. That he had this power over someone who could do something so atrocious it would land him in the role of a bond-servant. The lowest of the low.

Dave stepped closer and buried a palm in the curls of the boy’s head. He pulled him to him and pressed his mouth against his groin. It wasn't actually doing anything, but still recovering from the tits incident his penis was practically doing jumping jacks for joy. Dave groaned and Blaine whimpered.

It was slight, barely heard under his own groan, but Karofsky froze completely.

And suddenly he didn't want this. The room was too small, too hot and the kid (the kid!) was too close. He suddenly doesn’t care if Blaine wiped out a nunnery with a spiked stiletto, he just wants away. Jesus, why did he have to make that fucking pitiful noise and—


Blaine’s tongue was licking gently at slit of his cock and whatever Dave had been thinking had got the last train the hell out of dodge. He grabbed the boy’s head with both hands and pushed him nearer, gasping as Blaine’s nose buried itself into his pubes. He felt resistance under his hands and frowned down at the boy. Blaine stared back up, his eyes dropping to the leaking prick in front of him and up again. Dave got it and loosened his hold so Blaine could move. So he could work. Licking gently along the shaft, his hands cupped Dave’s balls and squeezed every so often. It had only been minutes but Dave felt like he had been in this room since last Saturday. He was close, too close and he wanted this to last.

“Listen—" he started but then Blaine really began to work him, his hands cupping his ass and kneading the flesh as he mouthed and sucked along his cock. He delivered a particular long, wet lick down a vein Dave wasn’t aware he even had, and the next minute he saw fucking Jupiter as Blaine took his whole cock into his mouth at once. “Wait!” he gasped out but Blaine ignored him, speeding up and Dave can’t even remember how to formulate words let alone how get him to quit. Instead, he just held onto Blaine’s hair and started to thrust into the hot, velvet wet that was his mouth.

Dave squeezed his eyes shut and tried to conjure, something, anything that will keep him from coming. But how can he think when Blaine was making that slurping, disgusting noise that shouldn’t be so hot but really, really is. “Please,” he choked out and then Blaine gave another squeeze of his balls.

Dave didn't remember coming. He did, however, recall a bright light and a possible conversation with God.


When he opened his eyes he was lying on his side, stickiness staining his stomach. Blaine was lying beside him staring up at the ceiling, his hands clasped together neatly. It was kind of really odd and kind of really cute. Dave pushed himself up on the bed and stared down at him. He should fuck him now, he really should. He’d been waiting for the past three months for everything to be finalised, but he just didn't seem to have the energy at the moment. Plus Blaine was his now. There was no rush.

“Hey,” Dave nudged him with his hand, Blaine turned and looked him in the face. He quickly remembered and ducked his eyes. That must be confusing, trying to give someone your attention without looking at them, so Dave let him off. It was his first night, after all. “I’m going to take a nap.”

Blaine gave a nod and Dave waited. After a minute he sighed, “I mean now. I’m going to take a nap now.” Blaine’s eyes furrowed in confusion and Dave kind of wanted to slap him for being dumb but he was too blissed out to even move his limbs. “That means off the bed. You know you’re not allowed.”

Blaine practically burst into flames. His face turned bright red and ran all the way over to the tips of his ears. His jaw tightened like it had with Wes earlier. A slow simmering tension seemed to burn around the room and then eased itself out quietly returning to the previous cool. He nodded again and moved his legs over the edge of the mattress and lowered himself to the floor.

Dave smiled and stroked over his chest. He should really shower but his whole body felt like jelly. He pulled the covers over himself and sank back, replaying the last half hour over in his head. Well, tried to. He could hear a pathetic snivelling from the floor. Was the kid crying? Dave waited for that burst of sympathy or whatever the hell it was to return from before. It didn’t.

Thank God, his dad would kill him after he’d blown so much on him. He hated when Dave wasted money. Hell, he still went on about all those fucking recorder lessons. That said he wasn’t a total monster. Sitting up, he plucked a pillow from behind him. “Here,” he called as he threw it down onto the floor.

Sometimes he was far too soft.

Chapter 2
Rebness: Santanarebness on May 27th, 2011 09:40 pm (UTC)
Stunning. Flawless. Shaking and crying, tbh.

I love this. I love the darkness of it, the humour, the fact that I'm all, 'MORE' right now.

Um, more pls.
Emily Kellysporkyforky on May 28th, 2011 07:10 am (UTC)
Jassmooshysushi on May 28th, 2011 07:57 am (UTC)
I lost it after the 7th chapter and couldn't find it again. IT MADE ME SAD BUT HERE IT IS.
Brb reading
(Anonymous) on May 28th, 2011 08:59 am (UTC)
Rebness: BB: Oh Norebness on May 28th, 2011 09:27 am (UTC)
factionb: blaine grrrfactionb on May 28th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)




*runs to read chapter 2*
ficcy on June 6th, 2011 03:00 pm (UTC)
He did, however, recall a bright light and a possible conversation with God.
I don't recall ever having laughed that hard after someone orgasmed. :))
a-bombtheotherqueen on June 7th, 2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
I love Slave AUs, they're always such an interesting concept. You've set up a really great premise, and I was surprised to find it was Blaine. I naturally expected Kurt so good job! I will say one thing though, I find myself being pulled from the story everytime you switch between past/present tense. It's a bit distracting for the reader.
ismiseemmaismiseemma on June 23rd, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
This is totally awesome.
I really love the way you have Blaine as the slave-I'm not complaing about when its Kurt, but it was just such a refreshing surprise.
dani_elizabethxdani_elizabethx on July 29th, 2011 07:22 pm (UTC)
I totally thought it was Kurt for a minute.
Then he said Blaine...